Angels: The Gospel of Truth – Essay Example

Angels: The Gospel of Truth – Essay Example

What are angels? Are they real? The only clear cut way to define and describe what an angel is is to examine what the gospel says about them. For many, angels are winged creatures meant to deliver goods news or watch over faithful people; however, this is not quite the case. Angels are much more complex than the flying seraphim depicted in churches today.

According to Christian gospels, angels are very specific creatures. They are, naturally, associated with God, and typically act to serve His will. Usually, they serve as messengers or helpers. God typically sends them to earth to deliver messages to faithful men and women, or to guide individuals towards what they need to do. In some cases, angels were used to defeat the enemies of God’s people. The Bible often describes angels as looking like men, or appearing along with a bright light (usually indicative of good intentions). In this way, the modern interpretation of angels (people with wings) is somewhat correct. However, there is no mention of angels having wings, though they are often seen appearing from the heavens. Other heavenly creatures, which may be different from angels or at least a different class of angels (such as cherubim) are sometimes describe as being ‘winged.’

Of course, a huge portion of the angel idea involves Lucifer, or the Devil. According to popular belief, Lucifer was an angel of God that fell from heaven. However, the gospel does not support this theory at all; no evidence exists to describe the Devil as a fallen angel; in fact, no evidence exists to say that Lucifer and the Devil are the same person at all. This very much rejects the fact that Lucifer was an ‘angel.’ Other texts – such as the Dead Sea Scrolls – describe angels differently.

Other cultures, religions and Christian sects have even more varied portraits of these supernatural beings. However, this is the general description of angels as according to accepted Christian gospel. As popular paranormal beings, it’s necessary to understand their origin.