is an online writing company that serves needs of students, probably at both undergraduate and graduate levels of study. This review is written to summarize the services, policies, processes, prices, and level of quality one can expect to receive when using this writing service.

Based upon Essay Jedii testimonials published on its site, reviews and comments which customers have left in various places, review by, and our own assessment of the services, 

Features of the Site

Essay Jedii features include a home page which provides some introductory and basic information. There are links to the following:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Use
  • Contact Us
  • Footer pages that speak to essay and paper writing
  • FAQ
  • Opportunity to chat

The order form is prominently displayed and is on all pages of the site.

There are recent Essay Jedii reviews or comments by customers regarding the satisfaction with their products and writers.

The site contains only sparse information about the company itself. There is no “About Us” link, suggesting perhaps that this may be a loosely affiliated group of writers without the structure of a full company.

Contact Information

There is no telephone number of address listed on the site. Methods of contact include email and a live chat feature, as well as chat capability with selected writers.

Ordering Process

The order form is simple and easy to complete. Required fields include type of writing from a drop down box, the length, requirements for resources, and the deadline requirement. While there is a box in which to add more information, it is suggested that the customer discuss further details directly with his/her writer. Once the order is submitted, the following occurs:

  1. The customer is taken to a page where bids begin to come in. The customer is then free to discuss details with the writer, including the writer’s credentials and background. There does not seem to be any method for verifying either of these with the company itself.
  2. Once a writer is selected, and payment made, the production phase begins. It appears that, from that point forward, all discussion occurs between the client and writer. If a customer is unhappy with what is produced, it is up to the writer to agree to revise what has been delivered.
  3. Among additional Essay Jedii benefits during the ordering process are the following:
  • The customer may select the degree level of the writer – Bachelor’s through Ph.D.
  • The customer may opt to have his/her placed at the “front of the line” for $21.99
  • The customer may choose to pay extra ($9.99 per page) for administrative support to monitor order completion and quality
  • The customer may choose to pay extra ($5.99 per page) for an editor to review and proofread the product before it is delivered

These Essay Jedii alternative choices and fees can add a great deal of cost to the original order. Many other companies provide this type of support as a part of the overall price.


Customer reviews and testimonials speak to overall satisfaction with the quality of writing they receive. However, there is no guarantee against plagiarism and no built-in check for this problem, unless perhaps the customer chooses to pay for the editing process.

Writer Quality: As mentioned earlier, there is no clear method to check writer credentials, and the customer may need to gauge quality through chat conversations with the writer before selecting him/her.

There is a privacy policy published on the site which guarantees confidentiality for customers, and the payment methods are secure – major credit cards and PayPal being the options. Prices

A “test” order for a two-page essay with nor requirements for research received two bids within the first 5 minutes – one for $46.62 and one for $33.30. In comparison with other companies, these prices are definitely high, considering that they do not include automatic editing and check for plagiarism. Prices quoted by writers may be negotiable, but that is up to the customer.

General Comments

This company has been in business for less than a year. Because it is new, customers may want to engage in a lot of conversation with a potential writer before making a selection and payment.