London Gateway Port and Logistics Park – Essay Example

London Gateway Port and Logistics Park – Essay Example

The purpose of the London Gateway is to provide a port of harbor for deep-sea crafts that have been previously scattered in various locations. It will be a prime location for ships seeking to transfer goods into and out of the United Kingdom. It is thought to soon to be the country’s main functioning port. The gateway is currently under construction at its location on the northern end of the River Thames in Essex. The project broke ground in 2010 and its completion date is undetermined. Along with the London Gateway, a huge logistics park will also be built to support seafaring activities and offer access to U.K.’s mainland.

DP World, a major company that operates many ports, harbors and other sea terminals, originally started the London Gateway project. Though financial difficulties have plagued the Gateway’s construction, construction is effectively underway. The London Gateway will provide a nearly 3,000 long quay for ships, along with sustainable procedures and functioning, brilliant architecture. It adds millions of TEU’s, or cargo units, to U.K.’s ports while introducing hundreds of storage units, new operating systems and extensive security regulations. It will be the largest and most accessible port in all of the United Kingdom.

The logistics park located at the London Gateway has several important functions. First of all, it provides access from the port to major U.K. highways and railways. It also offers hundreds to thousands of private or individual cargo units. It includes giant sheds for distribution, automobiles for ground transportation, private access roads and extensive accompanying facilities in the surrounding area. The park also comes with the promise of environmental sustainability; buildings will be efficiently constructed with limited environmental impact and recycling systems will be implemented for water and power. Though it will be the largest port in the U.K., it is also thought to be the most environmentally friendly.

The main use of the future London Gateway will be to boost economic rejuvenation. By offering a more accessible port location and increased storage capacity in cargo containers, the U.K. hopes to bring in more trade more quickly and efficiently. The location of the London Gateway allows trade ships to have more direct access to the economic heart of the U.K., allowing goods and services to more quickly meet the supply demanded by consumers. Hopeful supporters of the project conclude that the presence of the London Gateway and logistics park so close to the sales-rich centers of the U.K. will only further benefit the nation’s economy, accessibility to goods and overall international communication.