is an online writing that opened its doors in 2012. From the information on its site pages, it services primarily graduate level students who wish writing and editing services for theses and dissertations. As we do with all writing services investigations, we have prepared this Thesis Geek review after looking at the information contained on the Thesis Geek website, reviewing information and comments about quality and services that have been supplied elsewhere on the web, testimonials that are published on the site, and the results of our experience in ordering a dissertation abstract and communication with the customer support department.

Products and Services

On both the “Home” and “About Us” pages of this rather sparse website, potential customers are informed, in detail, about the thesis and dissertation services that the Thesis Geek offers. Based upon these two pages, one is lead to believe that these are the only products and services offered – thesis writing, dissertation writing, and editing services for both of these genres of academic writing.

The order form tells quite a different story, for its drop down menu has a huge number of products from which to choose, including all forms of undergraduate and graduate academic products, as well as business plans and proposals and admissions essays. No potential customer visiting this website would ever go to the order form for these products/services, because they are advertised nowhere else on the site.

The customer support department is available by telephone, but, unlike advertised, they are not trained to answer specific questions. We specifically asked how our dissertation writer would be able to design and implement a research project and have a complete dissertation completed in 7 days, and were unable to get an answer. The answer is this cannot be accomplished, so we do have some concerns in this area.


The site advertises only native English-speaking writers; however, the text of the pages is replete with poor grammar and incorrect work usage, leading us to believe that they may not have native writers after all.

From the ThesisGeek customer reviews that we found on writing service review sites, there is a mixed response to this company. While all customers stated that they received their products by their deadlines, there were complaints about getting revisions and delays in those revisions.

There is no record of Thesis Geek BBB membership nor are there any complaints filed with the Bureau.

Overall, it appears that is not a fraud or scam.

Writer Quality/Writer Expertise

Thesis Geek advertises that all of its writers are native English-speaking Ph.D.’s who are experts in producing theses and dissertations. We looked at customer reviews and evaluated the dissertation abstract that we ordered and received, in order to assess writer quality.

Customers do state that the writing quality is not of the standard ti should be for graduate-level academic research and writing. We also found the quality to be less than excellent with a number of grammar and usage errors.

Pricing and Discounts

Thesis Geek prices range from $29 – $40 per page for dissertation writing and from $19 – $26 per page for theses. Price variations depend upon the deadline specification. If we wanted a full dissertation within 14 days, the cost would be approximately $3,600.00, with no ThesisGeek discounts available.

The order form provides a space for a promo code; however, we could find no such code anywhere on the site. There is very little information available on the site itself, and no mention is made of any Thesis Geek coupon codes or other special pricing.

Additional Features

The company offers free bibliography, revisions, and free consultation.


In terms of ThesisGeek pros & cons, we find the site itself and its products and services lacking in the quality that should be provided for graduate program writing. Our rating is therefore within the “Fair-to-Poor” range.

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